Monday, August 24


So.. I'm already dying to see this film and I just heard about it maybe an hour ago. The filmography, plot, and everything else about it soooo worth coveting to me.

PLEASE WATCH THIS AS WELL: [more in depth description]

Friday, August 21

Killer Bert

My favorite little miss deviant. She's an artist from Norway and she simply amazes me. I just can't get enough of her! :]

her: {art} {flickr} {tumblr}

Wolves in the Throneroom

"Can you imagine the idealistic, well-educated nineteenth-century intellectual stalking through the woods, the blood and entrails of some forest creature dripping from his mouth and beard? This historic scene points forwards towards the paradoxes, ambiguities and contradictions that form the intellectual manure fertilizing American Black Metal band "Wolves In The Throne Room" (WITTR)." read more...

Listening to them always makes me feel right at home with myself, specifically their album titled 'Two Hunters'. My favorite song of which, by far, is Cleansing. No matter where I'm at, no matter what time, I flip to that song & it places me right in the woods at night, worshiping the earth and indulging in my own inner goddess.

I went to see them once, actually, in April on their recent tour here. They came through Richmond and played at Gallery5 (wonderful little artsy nook). Despite the ungodly heat inside the building, it was a wonderful show. I stayed outside for a lot of it after a few songs however (as it was much nicer weather), but I could still hear them just nicely. I bought a t-shirt but have since worn my boyfriend's shirt of theirs instead. I wanted to buy them all because the artwork is just so beautiful!! & definitely adds to the atmosphere of who they are. Props to the artist, you've done an amazing job. Their merch table at the show was set up so beautifully as well. Dressed with candles and animal relics, it gleamed amazingly in the dark. It's inspired me to start my own little altar-like table of sorts once given the chance. :] I'd definitely see them again, without a doubt.

Although they're known for their black metal taste, they're also on the ambient side which I find completely calming, soothing, & (as said before) right at home with myself. It's so beautiful the way they mix the two.

{website} {myspace} {store}

List of Reviews: {here}

While you're at it, check out WEAKLING as well!!

You won't be sorry, my loves.

Thursday, August 20

Music of the moment:
  • Oh No Ono
  • White Magic
  • Spires That in the Sunset Rise
  • Earth
  • Aghast
  • Paysage D'Hiver
  • Zoät-aon
  • Libana
  • Urginnthul
  • Aluk Todolo
  • Aa (big A little a)
  • Ahasverus

    If anyone knows that song and/or film, please oh please let me know! I'm dying to find it!

    I've also come across the lovely little blogspot:
    Little Brown Sparrow Salvage
  • Wednesday, August 19

    Jackal Tails

    "Tell me about your scars and what it felt like to break a bone. Show me your palms when I'm drunk. Sit very close but don't lean on me. I don't want any lovers, just to feel loved and have someone pay for my love of gin."



    Ixaxaar occult literature and distribution; offering you the best literature of sabbatic witchcraft, satanism, typhonian gnosis, esoteric literature, & hundres more. They even have a wonderful range of ritual music.

    "Ixaxaar opened the gates in autumn 2002,
    woven around the sinister magickal allegory.
    As the number of Ixaxaar, 333 designates,
    by the will of Shugal-Choronzon
    and its significance as the unique fire of real black magick,
    we are to spread the current aeonic flow through filling
    the void via distributing the most sinister side of occult
    literature in Europe and beyond.

    Ixaxaar, the stone of transformation,
    half-way to becoming the Qrixkuor(666).
    It can not be heard because it is the word of the Beast.

    It resonates the real face of the dark,
    its speech is weird and monstreous,
    It awakens in the dawn of the Ophidian current.


    White Magic

    [white magic music]

    Black Shadows

    The Chilean Satanic Tattoo Art

    "BLACK SHADOWS was born being baptized with the black blood of the artist Carlos Aguilar born at 18 of January of 1976 in the city of the profane Osorno territories of the south of Chile. Since the beginning he has been dedicated to the world of extreme metal music, organizing concerts and using his creativity in the dark art. 14 years ago he begins to experience this art with people crossing around the world don't thinking at first the way that will take BLACKSHADOWS TATTOOS! BLACKSHADOWS does not only provide the art of the tattoo but also he shows interest in offering and show many of his illustrations in for example WALL PAINTINGS, COVER ART ILLUSTRATIONS, and many other forms of pagan creativity. Mixing the dark art of the tattoo ink and producing concerts he comes up with new ideas to unite the macabre and diabolic art of the tattoo and the extreme metal music..."

    "...BLACKSHADOWS begins to work hard and work together with important bands of extreme metal like MORBID ANGEL - MONSTROSITY - VADER - DESTRUCTION - BEHEMOTH - DARK FUNERAL - KRISIUN - DISSECTION - NECROPHOBIC - LEGION OF THE DAMNED ...... thanks to them and many more that comes along on my trip creating BLACKSHADOWS.In 2006 he finally realizes one of his dreams, creating his own magazine called BLACKSHADOWS MAGAZINE “Satanic Tattoo Art”, packed with tattoo art, interviews with the metal bands and art..."


    Cover Art Illustrations



    "...A new way to mix metal and tattoos.
    A new concept for the metal bangers.

    After having worked and lived in countries like Brazil, Argentina, Germany.... BLACKSHADOWS is now in the city of Uppsala maintaining this real inner black magic.

    .Lord of the Black Shadows"

    I personally can't wait to visit and get tatted up there one day!♥
    It excites me just thinking about it^^ So much amazing art, culture, and music combined!

    Check out their website for much much more artwork and features, including tattoos, bands & friends, cover art, wall paintings, videos, and more!

    I'm Completely Addicted To

    She offers endless discoveries, artwork, thought, curiosities, etc. I go to her page every time I'm logged in, so practically every day. You'll never go wrong with miss Lady Lavona. :] She's my official Blog Crush♥

    Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

    [MORE] [SHOP]

    Tuesday, August 18

    Schwarzer Todt

    A 22 year old industrial female from California. The work of Sheila Smith has become a part of my collection of musings and inspirations. Some of which I may even scar my body with. The female embodied works are what I find myself drawn to most. She captures the female body in a way that I find powerful and seductive, yet sweet and supple, and they take form to that which I find adoring. What girl wouldn't want to be a figure of her artwork?

    Pain: Art

    "A very quick drawing I did today.
    Your art draws your pain from you, like poison out of a wound, forming filaments that you can hold outside yourself, and weave into a crown.
    She's in love.

    War III

    "Pagan and modern symbols of war and fear. for a fuller description see the first one."

    War II

    cannelle et clous de girofle

    Golden Blossom

    "I really enjoyed doing "Golden Flower," so I decided to make a series of it. While Golden Flower was more of just some wood spirit, I see this figure as more of the kind of entity that appears before an unwary traveler as a too-good-to-be-true beautiful woman, but is later revealed to be a creature of more sinister nature.
    I looked through some Japanese folktales but couldn't find anything that seemed to fit it exactly, although many similar themes as to what I had in mind. It would be like the maiden who takes off her face mask to reveal a slit from ear to ear, or since this figure's bottom half is covered, she can be like the glastig, that has goat's legs and summons men to her with a song and then feeds on their blood.

    Deep Element

    "Now that some time is past; this piece of artwork is largely about being torn between two people who both love you, and trying to find your place between without hurting any one.
    It's not about cheating, or leaving one person for another, it's about wading through the muddled darkness of each others' hearts, trying to discover that you are allowed to have of each other; how to trust and how to be trustworthy without lying to your heart.

    Boy of Blue

    Not only does he have a knack for sculpting and creating, but Wayne Martin Belger has taken his talent to the functional level. His creations are ones that.. well.. create! and capture in more ways than one. Photos of which hold a quality that draws me in to what I've been looking for and helps me escape to the world I want to be in. Amongst the woods and wild abandon.


    Monday, August 10


    This is the cutest little apothecary shop that I stumbled upon on my usual visit to Etsy for some neat finds. Ophelia's Apothecary holds homemade lotions & potions for all your bath and body needs; including body butters, shampoos & conditioners, lotions, bath salts, shower gels, fragrance sprays, oils & sugar scrubs. They carry a wide array of unique fragrances & blends, which are fully listed and explained, which I find very intriguing. I can't wait til I'm able to make my first purchase from this wonderful little shop! :] I'm sure it won't be a one-time visit.

    "we enjoy making good~for~you bath products with quality and customer service as our focus. who are we? one of us spent years in the bath and body care industry, in one of the big box retailers. and the other, is enjoying being the support 'staff' of this great little shop. we get our fragrance blend ideas from, cooking shows, magazines...and following fragrancing trends. we are focused on learning more about aromatherapy, ingredients, and developing skin pampering blends."

    Some other nifty apothecary shops to visit are:
    Haus of Gloi
    Lilith's Apothecary
    Bunny Butt Apothecary
    For Strange Women
    Fairy Bubbles
    & Roxana Illuminated Perfumes