Wednesday, August 19


Ixaxaar occult literature and distribution; offering you the best literature of sabbatic witchcraft, satanism, typhonian gnosis, esoteric literature, & hundres more. They even have a wonderful range of ritual music.

"Ixaxaar opened the gates in autumn 2002,
woven around the sinister magickal allegory.
As the number of Ixaxaar, 333 designates,
by the will of Shugal-Choronzon
and its significance as the unique fire of real black magick,
we are to spread the current aeonic flow through filling
the void via distributing the most sinister side of occult
literature in Europe and beyond.

Ixaxaar, the stone of transformation,
half-way to becoming the Qrixkuor(666).
It can not be heard because it is the word of the Beast.

It resonates the real face of the dark,
its speech is weird and monstreous,
It awakens in the dawn of the Ophidian current.



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