Tuesday, August 18

Schwarzer Todt

A 22 year old industrial female from California. The work of Sheila Smith has become a part of my collection of musings and inspirations. Some of which I may even scar my body with. The female embodied works are what I find myself drawn to most. She captures the female body in a way that I find powerful and seductive, yet sweet and supple, and they take form to that which I find adoring. What girl wouldn't want to be a figure of her artwork?

Pain: Art

"A very quick drawing I did today.
Your art draws your pain from you, like poison out of a wound, forming filaments that you can hold outside yourself, and weave into a crown.
She's in love.


"Pagan and modern symbols of war and fear. for a fuller description see the first one."

War II

cannelle et clous de girofle

Golden Blossom

"I really enjoyed doing "Golden Flower," so I decided to make a series of it. While Golden Flower was more of just some wood spirit, I see this figure as more of the kind of entity that appears before an unwary traveler as a too-good-to-be-true beautiful woman, but is later revealed to be a creature of more sinister nature.
I looked through some Japanese folktales but couldn't find anything that seemed to fit it exactly, although many similar themes as to what I had in mind. It would be like the maiden who takes off her face mask to reveal a slit from ear to ear, or since this figure's bottom half is covered, she can be like the glastig, that has goat's legs and summons men to her with a song and then feeds on their blood.

Deep Element

"Now that some time is past; this piece of artwork is largely about being torn between two people who both love you, and trying to find your place between without hurting any one.
It's not about cheating, or leaving one person for another, it's about wading through the muddled darkness of each others' hearts, trying to discover that you are allowed to have of each other; how to trust and how to be trustworthy without lying to your heart.


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