Wednesday, August 19

Black Shadows

The Chilean Satanic Tattoo Art

"BLACK SHADOWS was born being baptized with the black blood of the artist Carlos Aguilar born at 18 of January of 1976 in the city of the profane Osorno territories of the south of Chile. Since the beginning he has been dedicated to the world of extreme metal music, organizing concerts and using his creativity in the dark art. 14 years ago he begins to experience this art with people crossing around the world don't thinking at first the way that will take BLACKSHADOWS TATTOOS! BLACKSHADOWS does not only provide the art of the tattoo but also he shows interest in offering and show many of his illustrations in for example WALL PAINTINGS, COVER ART ILLUSTRATIONS, and many other forms of pagan creativity. Mixing the dark art of the tattoo ink and producing concerts he comes up with new ideas to unite the macabre and diabolic art of the tattoo and the extreme metal music..."

"...BLACKSHADOWS begins to work hard and work together with important bands of extreme metal like MORBID ANGEL - MONSTROSITY - VADER - DESTRUCTION - BEHEMOTH - DARK FUNERAL - KRISIUN - DISSECTION - NECROPHOBIC - LEGION OF THE DAMNED ...... thanks to them and many more that comes along on my trip creating BLACKSHADOWS.In 2006 he finally realizes one of his dreams, creating his own magazine called BLACKSHADOWS MAGAZINE “Satanic Tattoo Art”, packed with tattoo art, interviews with the metal bands and art..."


Cover Art Illustrations



"...A new way to mix metal and tattoos.
A new concept for the metal bangers.

After having worked and lived in countries like Brazil, Argentina, Germany.... BLACKSHADOWS is now in the city of Uppsala maintaining this real inner black magic.

.Lord of the Black Shadows"

I personally can't wait to visit and get tatted up there one day!♥
It excites me just thinking about it^^ So much amazing art, culture, and music combined!

Check out their website for much much more artwork and features, including tattoos, bands & friends, cover art, wall paintings, videos, and more!


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